What does support look like?


Support looks like the three ladies I met with today.

I had never even met two of them when I walked in the room, but within 15 minutes we were all crying and empathizing and strategizing. Their hearts were so big, I don’t know how we all fit into the same room.

The funny thing, I don’t think any of them are autism experts. Rather, they just love people. They see the inner workings of a growing child and want to do the simple things that might ease the struggle.

They acknowledge that a child with this crappy diagnosis walks a road none of us really understand. But they know it is hard. And their hearts recognize the incredible perseverance in the every day. And they are willing to walk beside him.

They are willing to think just a little and be flexible with the way things have always been done. They want to know what makes this kid tick, what stresses him out, and what makes him thrive. They want to include him in everything, because there is always a way.

They are willing to spend a little more time just figuring things out.

So I will support these ladies as best I can. Because I am so grateful at their willingness to see him.

Support begins with understanding – and prioritizing –  the heart of the child.

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