About Us


It is in my personality to advocate for the underdog. From high school and even in my early days at the University of North Carolina, I was always active in politics, communications, campaigning. I spent several years on Capitol Hill, helped elect a United States President serving on his national campaign staff, and later spent time in public affairs both at the national and state level. It was my job to create a groundswell of momentum over so many issues that at the time might not have been important to the American public.

Today, a high functioning autism diagnosis in our family has rocked our world and opened our eyes. I can’t help but advocate for the underdog again.

Today’s autism numbers are staggering, and we as a culture aren’t prepared. We have neglected to recognize how difficult everyday life can be when faced with significant sensory, emotional, and physical needs and the cumulative effect that has on our society. So many are lost in their worlds, so many are lonely, underemployed or unemployed.

We have an opportunity to better engage these young minds, and I trust it will enrich our world and build a better future.

This blog is our plight to help others understand what life is like being just a little bit different in the hopes that we can not just be aware and accepting of each other’s differences, but work to include them in our lives.

I am honored that you would take time to read.


With love,